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Alternatively, rather than performing the very quick registration above, you can register/login using one of the following methods via your current existing Facebook, Yahoo or Google Accounts.

Please read the frequently asked questions below, before you attempt to login using one of these alternative methods.

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You can always Login direct to the our website using the User name (being the email address that was setup for your access) and the associated Password that was setup to permit your access to our website. If you have forgotten your password simple click on the Forgotten Password? wording on the Log In page and this will quickly assist you in resetting your password.



Or, alternatively you can Log into our website by utilising your Facebook, Google or Yahoo Accounts.



Our website is also Mobile friendly.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] email address and email address are not the same. How can I login to Aussietoner using my Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] email address so as to have direct access to

    First Login to using Your Email Address and Password. Then change your email address to be the same as your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] email address. To make this change, go to My Account once you have signed into your Aussietoner account. Once you have updated your email address to the same as either your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] email address that you wish to use, then logout from and Re-login using the Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] email address that you have now setup in your Aussietoner account. Taking those steps has now resulted in having your email address associated correctly.

  • Do I need to provide my Password from my Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] Account to Aussietoner if I want to login using Facebook [or Google or Yahoo]?

    NO, once you access Facebook [or Google or Yahoo], you will be redirected to your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] website and you will be prompted to enter your username and password for whichever of those sites you are wishing to access. Once you have been verified with your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] account then when you choose to access Aussietoner from there, you will be automatically redirected to as an authenticated user along with your email address. will not be able to see or access your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] password.

  • What will happen if I change my password for  Facebook [or Google or Yahoo]?

    It will not affect your Login at Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] will verify you with the new password you chose and it will redirect you to our website as an authenticated user.
  • Whats the Advantage of using Facebook or Google or Yahoo Accounts for login?

    You do not need to remember your password separately. All you need to remember is your Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] account login information.

  • Ok, I have signed up using Facebook [or Google or Yahoo] account, but now I want to log into the Aussietoner website using a separate password on Aussietoner. How can I do that?

    Simply, go to forgot password page. Enter your login email address and follow password reset instructions.